A Different Boy, Series: Different – Jennings, Paul

<p>A Different Boy<br />
Series: Different</p>


A Different Boy Series: Different


Jennings, Paul


Kelly, Geoff


Allen & Unwin

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The boy, who is never named, hopes for a new life in a new land, having lost his father in the war and his mother who drowned. From the orphanage where he lives, he can see an ocean liner leaving for the New Land. He longs to be aboard, but knows that there is no room for an unaccompanied boy. These are the bones of a simply told story with twists, surprises, and both sad and happy moments. The underlying story is about refugees. The story is intentionally vague as to time and place, so that it can be read and appreciated on many levels and by people with different experiences. This simple but touching story features evocative line and minimal sketches throughout. Here is the story of a young boy, who escapes from an orphanage and successfully stows away on a boat headed for the land of 'sunshine and steaks'. The story is loosely based on the author’s own journey to Australia as a 'ten pound Pom'. Reluctant readers will find the story rewarding and easy to read.

Key Concepts

Emigrants, Family, Friendship, Hope, Kindness, Migration, Refugee, Resilience


Lower primary, Primary, Secondary


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