A Different Dog, Series: Different – Jennings, Paul

<p>A Different Dog<br />
Series: Different</p>


A Different Dog Series: Different


Jennings, Paul


Kelly, Geoff


Allen & Unwin

Published Date



The boy cannot speak, though the reader is not told why initially. He does speak to himself and animals when no one is around. His mother is out of work and the two live in poverty. He hopes to win a $1,000 prize awarded to the winner of a race up the mountain. It is a day of bleak weather conditions and the boy comes upon a car accident. The driver has been killed, but his dog has survived. There is suspense from start to finish, surprising twists and turns, and nail-biting situations. Jennings cleverly intertwines ethical and moral dilemmas to open up discussion around ‘what if’? The reader is invited to consider the limitations and influences on a person whose life may not be characterised as ‘easy’.

Key Concepts

Family, Friendship, Kindness, Resilience


Primary, Upper primary


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