A Different Land, Series: Different – Jennings, Paul

<p>A Different Land<br />
Series: Different</p>


A Different Land Series: Different


Jennings, Paul


Kelly, Geoff


Allen & Unwin

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The story follows the fortunes of Anton, Christopher and their mother Pat who journeyed to a new land in the earlier novel, A Different Boy. The story is told from Christopher’s point of view as the family adjusts to a new life. When their mother Pat gets a job in a country town, Anton is happy but Christopher finds it hard to settle and wants to go home. Once again, Paul Jennings deftly explores themes of guilt and redemption while telling a compelling story, with humour and emotion. This story is best understood by reading the first title in the series, ‘A Different Boy’.

Key Concepts

Emigrants, Family, Friendship, Hope, Kindness, Migration, Refugee, Resilience


Primary, Secondary


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