A Home for Luna – Gemmill, Stef

<p>A Home for Luna</p>


A Home for Luna


Gemmill, Stef


Armstrong, Mel


New Frontier Publishing

Published Date



Luna the cat is washed ashore on an island after danger forces her to leave home. Hungry and lonely, Luna meets a penguin on the beach who befriends her. The penguin colony takes Luna into their community. One day a strange boat arrives and a man tries to take Luna away, but the penguins peck at the man, and Luna hisses, scratches and wriggles free. Luna has found a new home where she feels happy and safe. This simple picture book story is aimed at young children to help them understand the trauma of leaving home and country and the challenges of finding a safe, new home and making friends.

Key Concepts

Asylum seekers, Emigrants, Friendship, Kindness, Migration, Refugees


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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