After, Series: Felix and Zelda book 4 – Gleitzman, Morris

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Series: Felix and Zelda book 4</p>


After Series: Felix and Zelda book 4


Gleitzman, Morris



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Felix is now 13-years-old and the the year is 1945. Over the last two years Felix has survived with the help of his friend, Gabriek, who has hid Felix in a hole under his barn floor. Gabriek has a special role in the war, that of munitions expert, and is a member of a partisans group that is fighting the retreating Nazis. Gabriek leaves to do his work. Felix hunts for his friend and joins the partisans. There he discovers Yuli who provides a comforting motherly model.

Key Concepts

Empathy, Friendship, History, Hope, Racism, Refugees, Resilience, War


Upper primary, Secondary


English, Geography, HASS, History, EACELA1500, ACELA1502, ACELT1608, ACELT1609, ACELT1610, ACELT1612, ACHASSK111, ACHASSK112, ACELA1515, ACELA1518, ACELT1613, ACELT1614, ACHASSK134, ACHASSK135, ACHASSK136, ACHASSK137, ACHASSK138, ACHASSK139, ACHASSK140, ACHASSK141, ACELA1528, ACELA1529, ACELT1619, ACELT1621, ACELT1622, ACELT1803, ACHASSK186, ACHASSK188, ACHASSK189, ACHASSK190, ACHASSK191, ACHASSK192, ACELA1540, ACELA1541, ACELT1626, ACELT1627, ACELT1628, ACELT1807, ACOKFH009, ACOKFH010, ACHGK049, ACHGK052, ACHGK054, ACHGK058

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