Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History – Freeman, Pamela

<p>Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History</p>


Amazing Australian Women: Twelve Women Who Shaped History


Freeman, Pamela


Beer, Sophie



Published Date



A dozen Australian women feature in this inspiring informational book. Here are women who have made a lasting impact as warriors, artists, business owners, scientists, singers, politicians, pilots, actors, athletes, adventurers, activists and innovators. Some are known Australia-wide while others are lesser known people. They come from every State and Territory in Australia and include Aboriginal people, a Chinese-Australian and others from wide-ranging backgrounds. The highly appealing, easy to read text is inspirational, retelling fascinating stories and providing anecdotes about each woman. Further resources include websites, images, articles and audio resources.

Key Concepts

Cultural traditions, History, Immigrants, Racial identity, Social life


Primary, Secondary, Upper primary


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