Armistice – Starke, Ruth

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Starke, Ruth


Kennett, David


Working Title Press/HarperCollins

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Told in the words of those who lived through the experience, this is the story of the ‘Great War’ in Europe between 1914 and 1918 in which many countries participated, including Australia. When Germany was defeated, Britain, France, Italy and the United States gathered to create the Treaty of Versailles to ensure peace, determine reparations to be paid by Germany and ways to prevent future wars. These stories are told in the words of soldiers, military leaders, heads of countries, civilians and children who lived during these times. These personal responses recreate the time, place and people involved in war and its impact. Notes at the back of the book identify the people involved and their roles. Endpapers reveal maps of Europe in 1914 and 1925. This is a unique approach to presenting world history for the young in the form of a picture book combined with graphic novel approaches.

Key Concepts

History, Peace, War


Upper primary, Secondary


English, Geography, HASS, History, ACELA1500, ACELA1502, ACELT1608, ACELT1609, ACELT1610, ACELT1612, ACELA1515, ACELA1518, ACELT1613, ACELT1614, ACHASSK134, ACHASSK135, ACHASSK136, ACHASSK137, ACHASSK138, ACHASSK139, ACHASSK140, ACHASSK141, ACELA1528, ACELA1529, ACELT1619, ACELT1621, ACELT1622, ACELT1803, ACHASSK186, ACHASSK188, ACHASSK189, ACHASSK190, ACHASSK191, ACHASSK192, ACELA1540, ACELA1541, ACELT1626, ACELT1627, ACELT1628, ACELT1807, ACOKFH009, ACOKFH010, ACHGK049, ACHGK052, ACHGK054, ACHGK058, ACELA1550, ACELA1551, ACELT1663, ACELT1771, ACELT1634, ACELT1635, ACOKFH016, ACOKFH015, ACOKFH017, ACHGK064, ACHGK065, ACHGK066, ACHGK067, ACHGK068, ACHGK069, ACELA1563, ACELA1564, ACELA1565, ACELT1639, ACELT1640, ACELT1812, ACELT1642, ACELT1643, ACELT1644, ACHGK070, ACHGK071, ACHGK077, ACHGK078, ACHGK079

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