Culture – Hope, Charles





Hope, Charles


Illustrated with photographs


louie and ted

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What is culture? The author has taken on the massive task of surveying culture and demonstrating through words and photographs how culture differs yet is similar the world over. Using multiple photographs across single and double page spreads, the author concisely touches on such topics as clothing, holy places, architecture and language plus unexpected topics like gestures and difficult to define words like values, norms and sanctions. Topics include cultural faux pas and high versus low culture. The author attempts to be value-free and, for the most part, succeeds. Where there is room for different perspectives, readers and viewers are encouraged to discuss and question. The glossary of terms is an area where discussion is useful to tease out different cultural attitudes and ideas. ‘Culture ‘is profusely and attractively illustrated with mostly stock photographs from around the world.

Key Concepts

Cross cultural relations, Cultural traditions, Race relations, Social life, Respect, Tolerance


Lower primary , Primary , Upper primary , Secondary


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