Grandma’s Treasured Shoes – Vass, Coral

<p>Grandma’s Treasured Shoes</p>


Grandma’s Treasured Shoes


Vass, Coral


Huynh, Christina


National Library of Australia

Published Date



‘Grandma has oodles and oodles of shoes.’ So begins the author’s lyrical text that sets the tone and captures attention. The story is sensitively told for children at both preschool and older years, and helps them to understand the plight of refugees and to appreciate their contribution to the shaping of Australia. The illustrator is a first generation Australian-born artist of a Vietnamese refugee family. Factual details about international and Australian policies on refugees at the end of the book are a valuable addition to this picture book.

Key Concepts

Asylum seekers, Family, Hope, Immigrants, Migration, Refugees, Resilience


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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