I’m Australian Too – Fox, Mem

<p>I’m Australian Too</p>


I’m Australian Too


Fox, Mem


Ghosh, Ronojoy


Scholastic Australia

Published Date



Each double page spread in this picture book features characters who have come to a particular part of Australia from another country. A four-line refrain reveals a brief reason for their leaving their homeland. Each has a positive feeling about a new life. There is one young girl who reveals she is a refugee and hopes Australia will let her into the country. Some of the many homelands represented with a brief comment on why they left their homeland include Ireland, Italy, Greece, England, China, Afghanistan Vietnam and Somalia.

Key Concepts

Cultural traditions, Migration, Refugees, Social life


Early childhood, Primary


English, Geography, HASS, History, EYLF Outcome 1, EYLF Outcome 2, EYLF Outcome 3, EYLF Outcome 4, EYLF Outcome 5, Foundation, ACELA1426, ACELT1575, ACELT1783, ACHASSK011, ACHASSK012, ACHASSK013, ACHASSK014, ACHASSK015, ACHASSK016, ACELA1443, ACELA1453, ACELT1582, ACELT1584, ACHASSK028, ACHASSK029, ACHASSK030, ACHASSK032, ACELA1460, ACELA1462, ACELT1587, ACELT1589, ACELT1591, ACELT1593, ACHASSK044, ACHASSK045, ACHASSK046, ACHASSK047, ACHASSK050, ACHASSK051, ACELA1475, ACELT1594, ACELT1596, ACELT1599, ACHASSK063, ACHASSK064, ACHASSK065, ACHASSK067, ACHASSK068, ACHASSK069, ACELA1487, ACELA1498, ACELT1602, ACELT1603, ACELT1605, ACHASSK084, ACHASSK085, ACHASSK086

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