Kids Who Did

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Kids Who Did


Murray, Kirsty


Allen & Unwin

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Forty true stories in the biography genre celebrate young people who have ‘protested, prayed, rebelled, saved lives, earned a fortune, lost everything, become world-famous, and/or fought to survive war and oppression’. This is a new edition of ‘Tough Stuff: True Stories of Kids and Courage’. This new edition includes 11 new stories and a new chapter. Included are stories about Olympic champions, human-rights and climate change activists and others. The author states that these stories are ‘about kids who saved lives, came up with big ideas, survived terrible circumstances and believed they could make a difference. Not all of these stories have happy endings, and some of the children are still growing up so their futures are not yet written.’

Key Concepts

Courage, History, Social justice, War


Secondary, Upper primary


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