Leaf Stone Beetle – Dubosarsky, Ursula

<p>Leaf Stone Beetle</p>


Leaf Stone Beetle


Dubosarsky, Ursula


Chapman, Gaye


Dirt Lane Press

Published Date



‘Leaf Stone Beetle’ is a beautifully produced story which is both simple and complex inviting multiple interpretations. Chapman’s three double page black ink drawings set the mood of serious contemplation and reflection. On one level this is a simple fable chapter book. It has three sections representing its three characters’ journeys. At the same time the story reflects the cyclical patterns of life in the natural world. The story opens with a violent storm where our first character, Leaf, is the sole survivor left on the tree. Then Leaf falls from the tree and shifts to the edge of a stream. Our second character, Stone, has been dislocated by the storm while Beetle, our third character, finds safety and a home beneath the Stone. The three characters form a community. There are many layers to unpack in this story with much discussion possible. Philosophical in nature, there are opportunities to discuss, home, family, dislocation, migration, resilience, relationships as well as topics such as the environment and survival.

Key Concepts

Asylum seekers, Family, Loss, Migration, Relationships, Resilience


Primary, Secondary, Upper primary


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