Little Lon – Kelly, Andrew

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Little Lon


Kelly, Andrew


Potter, Heather & Jackson, Mark


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Little Lon is based on the childhood recollections of Marie Hayes who lived near Little Lon, an area around Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. She describes her weatherboard house and all the people who lived nearby; people from all over the world. She describes her school, the street games she played, the weekly baths, the food and the markets. Most of all Marie remembers the people who made up her community and what they did. A beautifully illustrated history of inner Melbourne during the 1920-30’s with a final page describing the changes to the area since that time. Detailed Notes from the Author as well as a map of the area give a fascinating history of this area.

Key Concepts

Celebrations , Compassion , Cross cultural relations, Empathy, Family, Friendship, Immigrants, Immigration, Kindness, Language, Migrants, Migration, Relationships, Resilience, Respect, Social life, Tolerance


Lower primary, Primary, Upper primary


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