Little Nic’s Big Day

<p>Little Nic’s Big Day</p>


Little Nic’s Big Day


Naitanui, Nic


Anaya, Fatima


Albert Street Books/Allen & Unwin

Published Date



First day at school is always a bit scary for children and so it is for little Nic, who is not at all sure about this new adventure. On the way to school a range of culturally diverse families with their children appear. At school, each child in the class shares their special interest with the class. The children speak Farsi, Greek, French, Fijian, and Malay while a mum and child use sign language to communicate. The author says his inspiration for this story is his childhood when he was terrified of school. His hair and skin are different, and he is tall and shy. Throughout this picture book featuring illustrations and rhyming text, there are a few Fijian words, plus much sharing of cultural differences and interests. Illustrations are bold with cultural differences portrayed in a positive way.

Key Concepts

Cross cultural relations, Cultural traditions, Empathy, Family, Friendship, Language


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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