Little Nic’s Big World, Series: Little Nic book 2 – Naitanui, Nic

<p>Little Nic’s Big World<br />
Series: Little Nic book 2</p>


Little Nic’s Big World Series: Little Nic book 2


Naitanui, Nic


Anaya, Fatima


Albert Street Books

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Little Nic stars again in this second story featuring a fete with different food, sports, music and sharing of diverse cultural backgrounds. Each family brings their different foods for a sumptuous shared fete. The four line stanzas are full of childlike energy and feature alternating rhyming lines with the occasional Fijian word. A small adventure features when Nic loses his backpack with his cassava cake for sharing. Luckily Mum spots the backpack before the celebrations begin with an Acknowledgment of land, its inhabitants and the Elders. The celebration fills a large double page spread highlighting sport, music, crafts and food from around the world. In an activity for young readers, a small dialogue bubble challenges viewers to find 16 items across the double page illustration including three hair ribbons, a unicorn horn and three dragonflies. ‘Little Nic’s Big World’ is an engaging appreciation of different cultures. Nic Naitanui is an AFL West Coast Eagles superstar.

Key Concepts

Cross cultural relations, Cultural traditions, Empathy, Family, Friendship, Language, Social life


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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