My Sunny Funny Walk to School

<p>My Sunny Funny Walk to School</p>


My Sunny Funny Walk to School


Dandenong West Primary School, St Anthony’s Primary School


Dandenong West Primary School, St Anthony’s Primary School


Kids’ Own Publishing

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A colourful book about a child’s walk to and from school. A variety of materials have been used by children to create a collage of the journey and what the child sees. One double page spread is labelled using lots of different languages. There is also a list of objects to search for within the book. This book would make a jumping off point for teachers and students to create a similar book about their own journey to school or similar trips. Kids’ Own Publishing is a social purpose arts organisation that empowers children, families and communities to share their stories through artist-led community publishing.

Key Concepts

Family, Friendship, Language, Relationships, Social life


Early childhood, Lower primary


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