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Now Series: Felix and Zelda book 3


Gleitzman, Morris



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Felix is now in his 80s and a retired doctor. He struggles to understand the events of his childhood and suffers from ‘survivor’s guilt’ that can haunt those who survive horrific events. His granddaughter, Zelda, who is ten-years-old, is named after Felix’s childhood friend. When Zelda experiences bullying, Felix relives his past and resolves horrific memories of the past. Together Zelda and Felix brave a horrific bushfire, Victoria’s Black Saturday, based on this real catastrophe. This event and its aftermath help Zelda understand her namesake and that she too has special strengths.

Key Concepts

Empathy, Friendship, History, Hope, Racism, Refugees, Resilience, War


Upper primary, Secondary


English, Geography, HASS, History, ACELA1500, ACELA1502, ACELT1608, ACELT1609, ACELT1610, ACELT1612, ACHASSK111, ACHASSK112, ACELA1515, ACELA1518, ACELT1613, ACELT1614, ACHASSK134, ACHASSK135, ACHASSK136, ACHASSK137, ACHASSK138, ACHASSK139, ACHASSK140, ACHASSK141, ACELA1528, ACELA1529, ACELT1619, ACELT1621, ACELT1622, ACELT1803, ACHASSK186, ACHASSK188, ACHASSK189, ACHASSK190, ACHASSK191, ACHASSK192, ACELA1540, ACELA1541, ACELT1626, ACELT1627, ACELT1628, ACELT1807, ACOKFH009, ACOKFH010, ACHGK049, ACHGK052, ACHGK054, ACHGK058

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