Once, Series: Felix and Zelda book 1 – Gleitzman, Morris

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Series: Felix and Zelda book 1</p>


Once Series: Felix and Zelda book 1


Gleitzman, Morris



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Felix is caught up in the Holocaust war and turmoil period between 1939 and 1945. Yet the underlying theme of this story is one of friendship and survival. Felix befriends Zelda, a six-year-old who has experienced Nazi atrocities. As the story opens Felix has been in an orphanage for three years where his parents left him so that he would be safe. He leaves the orphanage in search of his parents. Though initially naïve, Felix comes to understand the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Key Concepts

Empathy, Friendship, History, Hope, Racism, Refugees, Resilience, War


Upper primary, Secondary


English, Geography, HASS, History, ACELA1500, ACELA1502, ACELT1608, ACELT1609, ACELT1610, ACELT1612, ACHASSK111, ACHASSK112, ACELA1515, ACELA1518, ACELT1613, ACELT1614, ACHASSK134, ACHASSK135, ACHASSK136, ACHASSK137, ACHASSK138, ACHASSK139, ACHASSK140, ACHASSK141, ACELA1528, ACELA1529, ACELT1619, ACELT1621, ACELT1622, ACELT1803, ACHASSK186, ACHASSK188, ACHASSK189, ACHASSK190, ACHASSK191, ACHASSK192, ACELA1540, ACELA1541, ACELT1626, ACELT1627, ACELT1628, ACELT1807, ACOKFH009, ACOKFH010, ACHGK049, ACHGK052, ACHGK054, ACHGK058

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