Same, but little bit diff’rent – Dunstan, Kylie

<p>Same, but little bit diff’rent</p>


Same, but little bit diff’rent


Dunstan, Kylie


Dunstan, Kylie


Windy Hollow Books

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Two youngsters compare their lives, one living in a country area of an Aboriginal community and the other living in a city. The repeated refrain says these are the ‘same but a little bit diff’rent’. The story content reveals an Aboriginal lifestyle in the northern part of Australia contrasted with another part of urban Australia. This picture book uses Dunstan’s signature collage technique with stylised illustrations that have a touch of humour and childlike appearance. Whereas pets in the city might be dogs, up north in Australia, the ‘friend’ might be an alligator. The repetitive phrasing encourages children to join in chanting the text and assists readers in anticipating both words and story. There is a sense of respect for both cultures. Kylie Dunstan spent a year in a remote community near Kakadu, Northern Territory.

Key Concepts

Cross cultural relations, Family, Friendship, Language, Respect, Social life


Lower primary, Primary


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