The Anzac Billy – Saxby, Claire

<p>The Anzac Billy</p>


The Anzac Billy


Saxby, Claire


Jackson, Mark and Potter, Heather


Black Dog Books

Published Date



A young boy fills a billy (tin can used for boiling water) with Christmas gifts for his dad who is on the other side of the world fighting in a war. He, his mum and grandmother fill the billy with useful gifts, luxuries and letters as they remember this father, husband and son. Once filled the billy will be packed along with thousands of others in boxes, loaded onto ships and sent to the soldiers. There is a chance that the billy will be given to another soldier but no matter. Every billy is filled with treats, love and hope so that whomever the recipient that person will know that they are loved and remembered. The muted tones of this picture book capture the sombre times for so many Australian families with loved ones away at war. Despite the seriousness of wartimes, it is also a story of hope and love.

Key Concepts

Conflict, Compassion , Family, History, Hope, Kindness, Relationships, War


Primary, Secondary, Upper primary


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