The Dress-up Box – Guest, Patrick

<p>The Dress-up Box</p>


The Dress-up Box


Guest, Patrick


Eckstrom, Nathaniel


Little Hare Books

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The Frolley family live in a much-beloved house on Sunshine Avenue, which has everything a child loves. It has a frog pond, birdbath, birds, a haunted shed, much-loved neighbours, the Choong family and more. Their new house is just the opposite, but home proves to be ‘where the heart is’. With the help of their dress-up box, the children pursue magical adventures imbued with imagination, family and friendships in this simple picture book story. Lively, imaginative illustrations of the children’s dress ups, coupled with a simple, appealing text, capture the imaginative activities which dispel the heartache and traumas of moving, losing and finding new friends.

Key Concepts

Empathy, Family, Friendship, Relationships


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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