The Night of the Hiding Moon – Allen, Emma

<p>The Night of the Hiding Moon</p>


The Night of the Hiding Moon


Allen, Emma


Ng, Sher Rill


NLA Publishing

Published Date



Felix is scared by the thunder and lightning that comes with a big storm but fortunately has his torch to give him light. The shadows cast on his bedroom walls become his comforting friends and his imagination turns them into shadow puppets which take him on an adventure. He explores the wandering moon, the valleys and the mountains until it is time to return safely home. The book ends with information about the Shadow Puppets of many Asian countries as well as instructions to make your own Shadow Puppets including templates. The book ends with a ‘Word from the Author and Illustrator’ telling readers about their inspiration for this beautiful book.

Key Concepts

Cultural traditions, Resilience, Racial identity


Early childhood, Lower primary


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