The Secret Home – Kranz, Andy Mia

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The Secret Home


Kranz, Andy Mia


Kranz, Andy Mia


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This is a true story, presented as a fable, about a family, Zygmunt, Franciszka and Henryk, who were taken in by a brave family who hid them from danger. Both families were at great risk and if caught could well have been killed or interned. Hiding for most of each day in a tiny cave, they had little to eat and risked being discovered by the soldiers each time they came out to get exercise and fresh air. The family lived like this for several years before the war ended and they were able to live a free life. Eventually they migrated to another country but always kept in contact with the family that kept them safe. A picture book for upper primary and early secondary, for students who want to learn about the experiences of refugees and those who assist them.

Key Concepts

Conflict, Compassion, Empathy, Family, Friendship, History, Kindness, Refugees, Relationships, Resilience, War


Primary, Secondary, Upper primary


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