The Stars at Oktober Bend – Millard, Glenda

<p>The Stars at Oktober Bend</p>


The Stars at Oktober Bend


Millard, Glenda


Allen & Unwin

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Two young people, both traumatised, come together bringing healing to their pain. Alice is 15 years old and suffering from a brain injury that resulted from an assault. Her words are not easily understood, but her poems, scattered about the town, come from the heart with beautiful lyricism. Manny is 16-years-old, once a child soldier in his country. He is now a refugee with all his family lost. He is adapting to his new life in Australia, but at night he runs to escape memories of his past. Both find solace in the other, bringing healing and peace to them both.

Key Concepts

Empathy, Family, Friendship, Peace, Refugees




English, Geography, HASS, History, ACELA1528, ACELA1529, ACELT1619, ACELT1621, ACELT1622, ACELT1803, ACHASSK186, ACHASSK188, ACHASSK189, ACHASSK190, ACHASSK191, ACHASSK192, ACELA1540, ACELA1541, ACELT1626, ACELT1627, ACELT1628, ACELT1807, ACOKFH009, ACOKFH010, ACHGK049, ACHGK052, ACHGK054, ACHGK058, ACELA1550, ACELA1551, ACELT1663, ACELT1771, ACELT1634, ACELT1635, ACHGK064, ACHGK065, ACHGK066, ACHGK067, ACHGK068, ACHGK069, ACELA1563, ACELA1564, ACELA1565, ACELT1639, ACELT1640, ACELT1812, ACELT1642, ACELT1643, ACELT1644

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