The Voyage – Vescio, Robert

<p>The Voyage</p>


The Voyage


Vescio, Robert


Edmonds, Andrea


EK Books

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Only 14 words tell this complex yet simple picture book story about a refugee’s journey from their homeland to their new home. A brief phrase features on each double page spread. Beginning with the word ‘chaos’, the viewer witnesses explosions, buildings collapsing, people running and a family fleeing to ‘escape’ to a boat. The viewer-participant in this picture book becomes part of the story as the family travels by sea before beginning a new life. This is a simplified version of the very complicated reality of a refugee. Informative watercolour images convey the story and keep young viewers interested. Children too young to understand the hardships of a refugee can gain a limited understanding about a family leaving their happy home and creating a new one. The topic of refugees fleeing is a difficult one for young readers, yet it is the reality for some children. The simplicity of the presentation makes this a suitable story for the younger reader.

Key Concepts

Asylum seekers, Immigrants, Migrants, Loss, Refugees, War


Early childhood, Lower primary, Primary


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