A final word

Institutions, like the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc, use specialist
supplies to protect your material and ensure its long-term survival. We purchase acid-free
envelopes and boxes, plastic clips, cotton tape and other items from archival suppliers. You
may decide to invest in such supplies or to use interim solutions and less expensive
alternatives. If you have chosen the latter option, we recommend that you use manila
folders, ordinary envelopes, cotton tape, ‘Copy Safe’ sleeves, and pencils, all of which are
readily available.

We hope this brief guide has been helpful. We would be pleased to hear from you if you
have any questions or wish to enquire about donating your material. You can contact us by
email at info@ncacl.org.au, by post at National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature,
Inc, University of Canberra 11 Kirinari Street BRUCE ACT 2617

Dr Belle Alderman AM
National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc

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