Narelle Oliver

Narelle Oliver’s Art and Inspiration for “Fox and Fine Feathers”.

We are very proud to hold Narelle Oliver’s artworks including detailed material, which reveal her creative process. We Look forward to an exhibition with opportunities for people of all ages to appreciate her distinctive style and use of media. Narelle was an expert with linocuts, coloured pencil and pastels. She often sketched using museum exhibits, such as for her book, “Fox and Fine Feathers”.

This book was one of Narelle’s favourite books. It is about a fox and the ground-dwelling Nightjar bird. Scholastic Australia publisher includes Teacher’s Notes, written by Narelle, on their website. The Notes include the story’s inspiration including Narelle’s research and how she achieved camouflage, fascinating ways to engage children in creative play, art activities and the impact of introduced species, such as the fox, into Australia.



Posted by: NCACL | Published: 25 Dec 2022