NCACL Awards

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Awards will:

  • Recognise the contribution of individuals or groups judged to have been outstanding in the field of Australian Children’s Literature:
    and from the media including film, television and print
  • Be awarded annually following selection by a committee appointed by the NCACL Board, who would refer their nomination/s to the Board for endorsement. The selection will be based on criteria such as the overall contribution and commitment to the field with outstanding character and service. Inductions could be made posthumously
  • Announce inductees at a high-profile ceremony
  • Have a ‘display’ of the contribution of each inductee with a sample of their work and indicators for more in-depth study
  • Be accessible from

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc Awards will be a catalyst for researchers and an inspiration for future contributors to the field. It will also provide an outstanding introduction to Australian culture and society for tourists, students and the Australian community, relating to the extensive history of children’s books and literature.

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Posted by: NCACL | Published: 01 Jan 2023