Become a children’s book HERO

As individuals, we often think we can’t make a difference.  But the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature started only four decades ago because of Lu Rees. Lu was one woman on a quest to safeguard Australian children’s story books.  Today experts describe the collection as a unique and significant national treasure.

Your donations help the Centre to continue to protect and promote our nation’s much-loved children’s stories.  From its home in Canberra, the Centre collects and shares all that goes into the making of a book.  From first scribbles, roughs, illustrations, drafts, correspondence, finished manuscripts, publishes works, publicity material and much, much more.

Power up our Foundation Fund and give us space to grow, more to show and the tools to share what we know.

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Secure your literary treasures for all Australians to enjoy now and in the future by gifting them to a respected and mature guardian organisation.

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