NCACL Objects

NCACL Objects are vital to the future development of a permanent home for Australian Children’s Literature. These Objects are determined by the NCACL’s Board and are to:

  • Collect, preserve and document developments in Australian children’s literature;
  • Make the collection available to the people of Australia, including all ages and all communities, in recognition of our cultural heritage in children’s literature;
  • Make the collection available to students, researchers and others interested and to assist them in their study and research;
  • Provide encouragement and inspiration for current and future authors and illustrators of children’s literature;
  • Assist in the recognition and contribution of Australian children’s authors and illustrators to children’s literature around the world;
  • To extend the availability of the collection by using digital technologies as appropriate.

And in conjunction with these objects to:

  • preserve the creators’ works;
  • nurture the children’s literature industry;
  • support future professionals in the children’s literature industry;
  • support the research community in Australia and particularly those engaged in researching children’s literature;
  • encourage reading in children and;
  • celebrate children’s literature.

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