Social Media

Social media provides the NCACL with the opportunity to engage directly with those interested in Australian Children’s Literature.  NCACL is active on Twitter and Facebook.

The National Centre created a Twitter account in May 2014. It has 5,000+ engaged followers.  Multiple tweets are posted daily.

NCACL Twitter’s stated aim is:

We share our collection through exhibits, events, website, databases & bibliographies, unique authors’ & illustrators’ creations & in depth research items.

The NCACL encourages followers to engage with posts and to retweet to networks which have a similar passion for Australian Children’s Literature.

The National Centre’s Facebook Account has 5,280+ followers.  Longer articles about creators and their work are found on NCACL’s Facebook pages.  Engagement and sharing of these articles is encouraged.

A further digital platform has been added to the National Centre’s social media – A blog.
The Blogspace is edited by Dr Sandy Bigna and was first uploaded in February 2023.  A new blog topic will be uploaded at the beginning of each month.

Social media enables Sharon van Baalen to share NCACL resources

Social media enables volunteers to share Japanese translations

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