Social Media

Social media provides the NCACL with the opportunity to engage directly with those interested in Australian Children’s Literature.  NCACL is active on X and Facebook.

The National Centre created an X account (formerly Twitter) in May 2014. It has 5,260+ engaged followers.  Multiple tweets are posted daily.

NCACL X’s stated aim is:

We share our collection through exhibits, events, website, databases & bibliographies, unique authors’ & illustrators’ creations & in-depth research items.

The NCACL encourages followers to engage with posts and to repost to networks which have a similar passion for Australian Children’s Literature.

The National Centre’s Facebook Account has 5,530+ followers.  Longer articles about creators and their work are found on NCACL’s Facebook pages.  Engagement and sharing of these articles is encouraged.

A further digital platform has been added to the National Centre’s social media – A blog.
The Blogspace is edited by Dr Sandy Bigna and was first uploaded in February 2023.  A new blog topic will be uploaded at the beginning of each month.

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Ashleigh Meikle, The Book Muse, Australian Literature Lover, Reviewer, Blogger and Editor visits the NCACL