NCACL or the  National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature  has a comprehensive collection of material about Australian children’s literature. The collection has books, artwork, ephemera and author and illustrator research files. Equally important is accessibility to these resources. However, none of this would have happened without one woman, Lu Rees.

Lu Rees, Collector of Australian Children’s Literature

Lu Rees  began the collection in 1974.  Initially the collection was called the Lu Rees Archives. The story of how the collection developed is a tribute to the dedication of many people. Further more, the collection is now valued at over ten million dollars.   It holds a unique part of Australia’s cultural and literary heritage. It has a high reputation for excellence and access.  Publishers, authors and illustrators,  foreign dignitaries and ambassadorial staff, researchers, teachers, students, and the members of the Australian community visit.

In 2012 the Lu Rees Archives became an  incorporated body.  Its focus turned to a more strategic role in the field of Australian Children’s Literature. It is now known as the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature or NCACL.

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc is the premier national institution that collects, documents and promotes Australian children’s literature and ensures this national heritage is publicly available and shared with future generations.

The NCACL’s vision

To be the home to Australia’s childhood stories
Australia’s literary past, present and future are preserved in the National Centre, through the stories that touched our hearts and stirred our imaginations as children. It documents and shares the creative process and inspires the next generation of readers with research collections, exhibitions and outreach activities.

The NCACL’s mission is to collect, document and preserve Australian children books and literature. It aims to share the collection with all Australians through outreach activities. In order to reach national and international audiences, resources are available online. Its Objects are specifically outlined.

Research support is provided by NCACL’s specialist volunteers and is also available to researchers worldwide. Such expertise enables the NCACL to offer a high level of service to all clients.  The NCACL uses social media, Twitter , Facebook  and YouTube to highlight collection and to engage in debate about the richness of Australian Children’s Literature and Australian Children’s Book Publishers. A newsletter is also produced which keeps readers informed of National Centre activities.

Read what the NCACL Ambassadors, Jackie French AM and Christopher Cheng say about the National Centre at Our Ambassadors.

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