Lu Rees  began the NCACL collection in 1974.  Initially the collection was called the Lu Rees Archives. The story of how the collection developed is a tribute to the dedication of many people.

It holds a unique part of Australia’s cultural and literary heritage. It has a high reputation for excellence and access.  Publishers, authors and illustrators,  foreign dignitaries and ambassadorial staff, researchers, teachers, students, and the members of the Australian community visit.

In 2012 the Lu Rees Archives became an  incorporated body.  Its focus turned to a more strategic role in the field of Australian Children’s Literature. It is now known as the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature or NCACL.

Lu Rees, Collector of Australian Children’s Literature

The  National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc  (NCACL) now has a comprehensive collection of material about Australian children’s literature. The collection has books, artwork, ephemera and author and illustrator research files. Equally important is accessibility to these resources. The collection is now valued at over twelve million dollars.

This collection would not have happened without one woman, Lu Rees.

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Posted by: NCACL | Published: 10 Oct 2022