Appeal to Catalogue Books in Languages Other than English

An important part of the NCACL collection are the 4,300 books that have been translated into 59 other languages.  Most of these have been catalogued and are therefore included on the Libraries Australia database. This is the major source of information about books by Australian authors, including those translated into other languages.

The National Centre has 562 translated books that have not been catalogued and so do not appear in Libraries Australia. As this requires specialist expertise the National Centre has obtained a quote from CAVAL who have agreed to undertake the work.  The National Centre is now working to the raise money required.

The National Centre gratefully acknowledges donations received from:

His Excellency Mr Milad Raad Ambassador and Plenipotentiary of Lebanon
Her Excellency Ms E Xagorari Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Greece