Colin Thiele’s Wish List

Colin Thiele’s Wish List

Colin Thiele published books for over forty years. His works have been continuously reprinted, made into new editions, translated and sold internationally. National Centre volunteers are trying to collect each edition and any reprints of titles.

Should you have a copy of any of these titles on the wish list below and would like to donate them to the National Centre to complete Colin Thiele’s holdings, please contact us.

February Dragon. Adelaide: published in Seal Books 1970. 174p. Unillus. Seal Pups edition. Rpt 1971.
February Dragon. Adelaide: Seal Pups, Rigby Limited, 1970. Seal Pups paper edition. Reprinted 1971, 1972, 1973. Variation tp: col. cover photograph of bushfire. Rpt 1971, 1972, 1973, 1979.
February Dragon. Published in Seal Books, as above, 1970.

The Fire in the Stone. Ringwood: Penguin, 2000. ISBN: 0141306580.

Pinquo. Sydney: Weldon Publishing, 1989. ISBN: 1863020624
Pinquo. Sydney: Weldon, 1992. (2 sound cassettes included). ISBN: 1863022368.

The Rim of the Morning: Six Stories. Adelaide: Rigby, 1966. Rpt. 1968.

Storm Boy. Adelaide: Rigby Limited, first published 1963, rpt 1969, 1971. Illustrated by John Baily. Dust jacket has design of col. photograph.
Storm Boy. 1976 Seal Books paper edition. Photographs by David Kynoch. Reprinted Dec 1976, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985.

The Sun on the Stubble. Adelaide: Rigby Limited. 1st imp. 1961.
The Sun on the Stubble. Adelaide: Seal Books; Rigby. Seal Books ed. 1973 rpt 1973, 1974. col. cover photograph. Seeking reprints 1974, 1977.

The Undercover Secret. Sydney: Weldon Publishing, 1992. ISBN:1863022090.

Overseas Editions

Blue Fin.  St James Place London: Collins 1976.
February Dragon. London: White Lion Publishers Limited, 1975.
Magpie Island. London: Collins, 1975.
Monster Fish. London: Southwood, 2001. Illustrated by Craig Smith. ISBN: 1903207282 (pbk).

Storm Boy. London: Angus & Robertson (U.K.) Ltd., 1964.
Stormseun. Kaapstad en Pretoria: Human & Rousseau, 1965. Illustrated by John Baily. Afrikaans edition.
Storm Boy. Chicago New York San Francisco: Rand McNally & Company, 1966. Illustrated by John Baily.
Storm Boy. Illinois: Rand McNally & Company, 1966 rpt 1967.
Storm Boy. (Drengen Og Pelikanen) Randers: Thode, [1984]. Danish edition. Rpt 1985.