Showcasing treasures

Showcasing treasures

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lu Rees Archives of Australian Children’s Literature (now the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc.)

This book tells the story of this special collection – a national treasure – and the people who made it.

“Lu Rees does it so well. So professional and friendly and attractive – wonderful!”
– Elizabeth Honey, author / illustrator

“This is so important! Thank you on behalf of all illustrators”
– Wayne Harris, illustrator

“At last. Immortality!”
– Morris Gleitzman, author

“The Lu Rees Archives has become a vital resource in the preservation of our children’s literature. And long may it continue.”
Bob Graham, author / illustrator

“The Lu Rees Archives is a shining example of the outstanding result that can be achieved when visionary and committed people come together with a shared belief and a common goal.”
– Angela Briant, National President, Children’s Book Council of Australia

“Although it’s a celebration of forty years’ outstanding work, this book is an invitation to you to join the researchers, the donors, the volunteers and to enjoy making Australia’s most inspiring and friendliest facility for research in children’s literature even better.”
– Dr Mark Macleod, Charles Sturt University