Barrumbi Kids Series by Leonie Norrington

Barrumbi Kids Series by Leonie Norrington

The Barrumbi Kids series of three books written by Leonie Norrington is aimed at middle to upper primary students. The second and third books would be more suitable for years 5 and 6 students or early high school.  The books provide an excellent perspective on the intercultural relationships between the cultures of First Nations People and today’s Australian society.






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The books could be used in the classroom on their own or integrated with the new NITV 10-episode live action series, ‘Barrumbi Kids’, which is based on the books.  The books would support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priorities and the general capabilities of intercultural understanding and ethical understanding. The series could be used in conjunction with a range of curriculum areas, but in particular would support learning across the English, HASS and Health curriculum areas.


Leonie Norrington

Posted by: NCACL | Published: 26 Nov 2022