Bushfires in Australia – A Bibliography

Bushfires in Australia – A Bibliography

Australians are generally conscious of the danger and destructive force of bushfires particularly after the disastrous fires of Black Summer that effected vast areas right across Australia. The coming summer is shaping up to be another fire-prone season with fires already burning in some States. It is important that all Australians no matter where they live are very aware of the precautions and preparations required to prepare for bushfires and also understand the warning levels.

There are many Australian children’s books written about bushfire, a number based on the author’s lived experience.  It has been the subject of books for decades for many reasons – danger, disaster, adventure, trauma, bravery, cooperation, empathy, helpfulness and kindness.  A number of books are told in an anthropomorphic style using bush animals to tell the story which can be a gentler, less overwhelming way to teach young children about the dangers of, and precautions needed in case of bushfire.


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ISBN: 0958537615

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SOUTHALL, Ivan. Illustrated by Clem Seale
Ash Road. Angus & Robertson, 1965. ISBN: 0207946299
Winner 1966 CBCA Book of the Year.
NCACL holds over 15 translations of this title.

February Dragon. Rigby Opal Books, 1965. ISBN: 0851798276
Highly Commended 1966 CBCA Book of the Year Awards
Translated into French.


The Bushfire Book. How to be aware and prepare. Polly Marsden, Text.  Illustrated by Chris Nixon. Lothian Children’s Books, 2020. ISBN: 9780734420077

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STEFFENSEN, Victor. Illustrated by Sandra Steffensen
Looking after Country with fire:  Aboriginal burning knowledge with Uncle Kuu. Hardie Grant Explore, 2022. ISBN: 9781741177824


There are many Australian children’s books written about bushfire, a number based on the author’s lived experience.