Promoting Picture Books for Older Readers

Promoting Picture Books for Older Readers

Picture books can be read on several levels and interpreted differently depending on the audience. They can be suitable for more than one audience simultaneously and assist students in becoming competent in image analysis and identifying storytelling devices. Books selected for this database are often more sophisticated with different levels of meaning.

Such books may:
• provide alternatives to text-only books
• provide other books for image analysis
• assist in developing multi-literacy and visual literacy
• analyse different types of literature including post-modernism
• introduce methods for decoding the integration of words and pictures
• analyse artistic techniques and styles as well as book design and layout
• study literary devices and intertextual references aimed at older readers
• examine multiple narratives
• attract reluctant readers, EAL/D students and those with language difficulties
• other non-traditional plot structure and metafictional devices
• examine sensitive topics including death, war, violence and societal issues
• attract readers who find picture books suit their needs and interests
• provide useful tools for introducing thematic units of work

Picture Books for Older Readers database

The Red Tree written by Shaun Tan







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