The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc has funded and developed this Cultural Diversity Database. It offers a comprehensive collection of books which feature Australia’s culturally diverse population with the focus on understanding cultures, both similarities and differences. The scope of the Cultural Diversity Database:

  • includes 340 books aimed at young people from early childhood through late secondary
  • concentrates on Australia’s culturally diverse population
  • features creators living in Australia
  • offers books usually published in Australia
  • enables searching for authors, illustrators, titles, series, publishers, publication dates, audience levels, key concepts, links to the Australian Curriculum, links to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and annotations for each book
  • gives parents, caregivers, home schooling groups, teachers, librarians and others working with young people information about quality resources.

Further Comments

While this database suggests particular audiences for books, young people’s chronological ages, reading and comprehension levels are always individual. Adult guidance is recommended to match particular books with young readers. A future database under development will focus on books by and about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, so these books are generally not included in this Cultural Diversity Database.

Q & A Quick Tips – Searching the NCACL Cultural Diversity Database

Posted by: NCACL | Published: 26 Mar 2019