Databases are created by specialists and NCACL content volunteers. Previously, Author, illustrator and publishers files, bibliographies and annotated reading lists have been created.  However, a new and exciting direction for the NCACL is the creation of databases and online resources.  These databases support respect for cultures and social inclusion in the education sector in Australia and world wide.

NCACL Cultural Diversity Database

This database offers a collection of books which feature Australia’s culturally diverse population.  Its focus is on understanding the similarities and differences between cultures.
Reviews and media coverage

NCACL Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Resource
A grant has been secured to begin this significant resource.
NCACL would like to acknowledge the support of the:

Australian Government
Department of Education, Skills and Employment
Child Care Services Program
Strong Quality in Child Care

The Department made available funding for the creation of a resource for children aged 0 – 8 years. NCACL volunteers have ensured resource access for books aimed at children aged 9 – 12 years.

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