Welcome to the Picture Books for Older Readers Database

Welcome to the Picture Books for Older Readers (PBOR) Database


NCACL recommends that database users check the subject headings, the annotations and the curriculum links of individual books to determine their suitability.

You may experience a short delay in the PBOR database and the associated search facility loading for use.  The information you will find in the database will make this short wait well worthwhile. For optimal function use the latest operating systems.

Databases are funded by donations. Donate now to support the creation of future databases.

Reading Pictures – Drawing Words
A Database of Picture Books for Older Readers

Welcome to Reading Pictures – Drawing Words the new Picture Books for Older Readers database.

NCACL is proud of their new database and believe it will be a useful tool in teaching and learning. The PBOR project generated strong interest and support from the public, and from the team of children’s literature experts who contributed to its development with great enthusiasm and skill.

The titles selected for inclusion come from a variety of sources. The extensive book holdings of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature, suggestions from children’s literature experts and perusing professional journals and bookshops.

The Australian children’s authors and illustrators listed employ a wide range of literary and artistic styles and display a great sensitivity and depth of understanding in dealing with difficult topics.

We invite you to explore the PBOR database. To assist there is a Guide to using the PBOR database. This details the information provided in the database and how best to access it.

The flyer Champions Picture Books for Older Readers provides background information on the purpose of the PBOR database, its contents and the team who developed it.

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Fun fact

There are 257 titles in the Picture Books for Older Readers database. There will be more titles included soon!