Australian children’s publishers

Australian children’s publishers have enabled the Centre to build one of Australia’s most comprehensive collections of children’s books. The Centre has specialist expertise in cataloguing books and our records often provides additional information not available elsewhere. Both books and catalogue records are publicly available. The Centre holds the only copy of some books and its collection of  translations is exceptional. All publishers’ donations receive acknowledgement letters, and titles donated appear in NCACL’s Annual Reports which are freely available from the Centre’s website. We would be pleased to hear from other publishers who wish to contribute to the NCACL collection. The publishers’ names would be added to our list of donors on our website.

Publishers and authors donate translations

The NCACL has a strong presence on X and Facebook, where new and older Australian children’s books are often highlighted. NCACL is also active in the production of high quality databases and bibliographies which feature books published by a variety of Australian publishers. When original artworks from published books feature in NCACL’s exhibitions, the publisher is acknowledged on the information plaque about the work.

NCACL is delighted to virtually share its holdings of donated books by Australian children’s publishers through its unique catalogue, which is hosted on the University of Canberra Library system.

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