50th Birthday Gallery & Exhibitions

50th Birthday Gallery & Exhibitions


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NCACL Activities over 50 years (pptx)
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NCACL future investment

February – March 2024
Exhibition of 22 of Shaun Tan’s digital artworks
Shaun Tan Gallery: Never Be Late for a Parade

Gallery 1: NCACL’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 1980
Gallery 2: NCACL’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 2024


Virtual Gallery & Exhibition Space Look See, Look at Me!
Teachers Notes created by Rowan Simpkin Look See Look at Me!
Virtual Gallery & Exhibition Space You and Me : Our Place
Teachers Notes created by Rowan Simpkin You and Me : Our Place

Note: The National Centre has received permission from Leonie Norrington, Dee Huxley and their publishers, HarperCollins and Allen and Unwin, to reproduce copyright material.

May – June 2021

Dog Tales, an exhibition at the University of Canberra

October 2020
Nicholls School Donation
Nicholls School Donation Exhibition


Narelle Oliver (20+) Video | Facebook
BelcoArts Online Panel discussion with Graeme Base
Elizabeth Honey

Imagine if….

May 2014
CMAG exhibition ‘Bird in the Hand’

Pixie O’Harris Exhibition

Dinosaurs Love Cheese Exhibitions – NCACL

Before 2020
Researchers interested in reviews, articles, bibliographies and critical responses to resources created by NCACL volunteers and supporters, bibliographic details are provided. Includes ABC radio interviews, bibliographies, YouTubes, films and visual and sound recordings.


A special thank you to the family of Pixie O'Harris who donated the copyright of her illustrations for The Wind in the Willows to the National Centre.