Hobbs, Leigh

Leigh Hobbs was born 18 April 1953 in Victoria and is a much-loved, multi-award-winning Australian artist and author. He is known for his phenomenal humour and his ability to cause delight and mayhem in equal measure with his book characters. You can read more of Leigh’s achievements in his Wikipedia entry.

Leigh’s books feature the much-loved characters of Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, Fiona the Pig, and Mr Chicken.

Mr Chicken created by Leigh Hobbs

Leigh Hobbs was the Australian Children’s Laureate for 2016–17.

NCACL is proud to hold a fine selection of Leigh’s artwork relating to the following titles:

  • Fiona the Pig
  • Fiona the Pig’s Big Day
  • Various title book illustrations from:
    Hurray for Horrible Harriet;
    Old Tom at the Beach;
    Old Tom Goes to Mars;
    Old Tom’s Guide to Being Good
    See Leigh Hobbs Various 1
    Mr Chicken
    Poster Mr Chicken Lands on London
    Series of sketches from –
    Old Tom
    Old Tom at the Beach
    Poster Horrible Harriet
    Poster Old Tom’s Big Book of Beauty
    See Leigh Hobbs Various 2
    Horrible Harriet
    Old Tom
    Fiona the Pig
    Old Tom Goes to Mars
    Old Tom’s Guide to Being Good
    Leo the Lion Tamer
    See Leigh Hobbs Various 3

To make an appointment to view Leigh Hobbs’ artwork please contact us at ncacl@canberra.edu.au

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Fiona the Pig loves ballet and the colour pink and tea parties with her dollies. Her parents are desperate for a solution to this baffling behaviour. Children everywhere are delighted by her.