Niland, Deborah

Deborah Mary Niland OAM was born in 1950 in New Zealand to Ruth Park and D’Arcy Niland.

Together with her twin sister, the late Kilmeny Niland they attended the Julian Ashton Art School.  The twins often collaborated on projects.  They were awarded the first Visual arts Board prize for the best illustrated children’s book of the year for Mulga Bill’s Bicycle.

Deborah has written and illustrated over 60 children’s books.

The National Centre holds many fine examples of artwork relating to these following titles:

To view the artworks by Deborah Niland, please contact the National Centre.


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Continuously in print

There's a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake 40 Edition. Written by Hazel Edwards, illustrated by Deborah Niland. Penguin Books. First published in 1980.