CBCA Children’s Book Week Artwork Collection

The Children’s Book Council of Australia Children’s Book Week Artwork Collection
The National Centre holds the original artwork created for the annual Children’s Book Week since 1984. This collection includes original artwork for posters, banners, bookmarks, balloons, book bags and other merchandise. The amount of artwork and type of merchandise varies with each artist. The following artists are included in alphabetical order in this collection:

Baker, Jeannie. Go Under Cover. 1993
Blackwood, Freya. Escape to Everywhere. 2017
Brooks, Ron. Book Feast. 2002
Curtis, Neil. Reading Rocks. 2005
Dunstan, Kylie. Across the Story Bridge. 2010
Goss, Mini. Oceans of Stories. 2003
Gouldthorpe, Peter. Happy 50th Birthday CBC! Celebrate with Stories.1995
Graham, Bob.
Sail Away with Books. 1987
Windows into Worlds. 1992
Read Across the Universe. 2013
Greder, Armin. Oceans of Stories. 2003
Greenberg, Nicki. Champions Read. 2012
Harrison-Lever, Brian. Doorways. 2004
Honey, Elizabeth. Put Yourself in the Picture! 1998
Lee, Declan. Oceans of Stories. 2003
Lester, Alison. Book Now! 2006
Mairou, Naomi. Doorways. 2004
Morimoto, Junko. Weave the Book Web. 1999
Oliver, Narelle. Bookaleidoscope. 1997
Ottley, Matt. Book Safari. 2009
Rogers, Gregory. One World, Many Stories. 2011
Spudvilas, Anne. A Book Odyssey. 2001
Tan, Shaun.
The Edge of Tomorrow. 2000
Fuel Your Mind 2008
Australia: Story Country. 2016
Thompson, Colin. READiscover. 2015
Vivas, Julie. Book into the Future. 1991
Walker, Anna. Find Your Treasure. 2018
Woolman, Steven. Anywhere Anytime Any Book. 1995

Posted by: NCACL | Published: 06 Sep 2018