Looking after your papers

Looking after your papers

This brief guide will help you organise and look after your working papers during their active life with you. Such attention may also ensure their long-term survival. Researchers are interested in the creation of books for young people, and your records are an important part of that process as well as the preservation of children’s literature as cultural products.

The National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature looks after the papers, manuscripts and artwork of a number of Australians who create works for young people. Based on our experience caring for these materials, we offer this simple guide to assist you. Only a minimal amount of time, effort and expense is involved.

This guide is available here.

Quick tips
Storing your collection
Gathering supplies
Oversized material
Special formats
Thermal copies
Small items
A final word


Going Home papers

Illustration at top right: Margaret Wild’s papers and manuscripts relating to Going Home illustrated by Wayne Harris, Ashton Scholastic, Sydney, 1993