Gallery & Exhibitions

Gallery & Exhibitions
Gallery & Exhibitions ensure that the NCACL collection is shared with as many people as possible.  A conversation Lu Rees had with the Cultural Attaché from the Japanese Embassy in 1976 led to the first recorded exhibition. Japan agreed to exchange children’s books with Lu.  When the Japanese gift of 56 children’s books arrived in 1977, they were exhibited around Australia.

The National Centre wishes to share its wonderful artwork by making it accessible through its virtual Gallery & Exhibition space.


Gallery 1: NCACL’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 1980
Gallery 2: NCACL’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 2024
Dee Huxley:
Virtual Gallery & Exhibition Space Look See, Look at Me!
Virtual Gallery & Exhibition Space You and Me : Our Place
Nicholls School Donation
Narelle Oliver
Shaun Tan: Never Be Late for a Parade