Content and style

Content and style

The NCACL Resource aims to provide information about these books and identify resources that explore and expand them. The content of these books varies widely. Different cultural practices are presented, a variety of Aboriginal languages included, and different communities presented with daily lives unique to a particular area.

This collection includes many stories and tales that are representative of the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ culture, and their Dreaming and teaching stories, which form an important part of the collection. Included are wide-ranging storytelling techniques and presentation styles to engage and inform the reader. There are picture books, verse, verse novels, short stories, graphic novels, historical works, fantasy, allegories, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, readers and nonfiction. Sometimes a mixture of these is present within a single book. Settings, time periods and cultural practices also feature thus providing additional perspectives on characters’ lives and their culture.

In creating these books, authors and illustrators have used a wide variety of styles and media. These include photographs, postcards, relics, artefacts, artworks, manuscripts, historical records, interviews, posters, diagrams, maps, letters, glossaries of terms and language and other material related to the story. Wide-ranging artistic styles and media also feature.

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Posted by: NCACL | Published: 01 Jan 2023