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This Resource includes books aimed at children from birth through eight years, while recognising that some of these books are also accessible to an older age range.  Stage 2 of this resource researched and added books and resources to expand the coverage of books suitable for secondary school.  No database such as this resource is ever complete.  Updating will maintain currency and highlight new directions.

Initially, the NCACL researched and identified over 350 children’s books by and about Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, published between 1974 and 2020 for young people from birth through eight years of age. Books are now being added that will attract an older readership. Each book in this Resource can be researched using a range of search filters listed below.

Free text searching is also available. Collections of related books can be retrieved then shared with colleagues by using a combination of search filters listed below.

  • bibliographic details
  • subjects for each book
  • audience including age range
  • annotation highlighting content
  • Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander creators’ cultural background will be identified when such information can be identified
  • story location and/or community information
  • language(s), as appropriate to individual books
  • identification of writing techniques and styles
  • artistic media and technique
  • curriculum links for the Early Years Learning Framework
  • curriculum links for the Australian Curriculum
  • teaching and other information resources related to the book

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